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Current & Upcoming Programs

PS 112M

Mexican (Fiesta Mexicana), October 16, 2017
West African (Caren Calder), December 4, 2017
Bollywood (Ajna Dance), January 8, 2018
Native American (TBD), May 14, 2018


PS 87

Native American (Louis Mofsie), September 27, 2017


A. Phillip Randolph High School

Bollywood (Ajna Dance), October 6, 2017- December 14th, 2017



World Dance Festival: Day 1: Okinawan (Junko Fisher), Tibetan (Tibetan Song and Dance), Flamenco (Sol La Argentinita ft Xianix Barrera), November 4, 2017
World Dance Festival: Day 2: Filipino (Kinding Sindaw), Korea (Sounds of Korea), Mexican (Ballet Fiesta Mexicana), November 5, 2017


Main Street Theatre

Lotus Showcase: Bharata Natyam ( Students of Kamala Cesar), Odissi (Students of Bani Ray), Kathak (Students of SN Charka), Hula (Students of Makalina Gallagher), Tahitian (Lei Pasifika), September 24, 2017




PS 112M

Japanese Assembly (Momo Suzuki), June 9, 2017


PS 244Q

West African (Caren Calder), May 24, 2017
Bollywood (Ajna Dance), June 2, 2017


Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans (Celebrate as One)

Tahitian (Le Pasifika), Okinawan (Junko Fisher), and Filipino (Kinding Sindaw), May 21, 2017 (Mott Street [South of Canal St.])


United Palace Theater 

World Dance Passport: Filipino (Kinding Sindaw), Indonesian (Saung Budaya), Okinawan (Junko Fisher), Tibetan Song and Dance, Mexican (Fiesta Mexicana), May 20, 2017


Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez

Car Free NYC Earth Day: Native American (John Scott Richardson), Filipino (Kinding Sindaw), West African (Caren Calder), and Hula (Makalina Gallagher), April 22, 2017


Immigrant Heritage Month (Mayor's Office)

Kathak (Satyanarayana Charka), April 21, 2017


SUNY New Paltz 

Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA): Okinawan (Junko Fisher) and Tahitian (Le Pasifika), April 13, 2017


PS 266

Flamenco (Yloy Ybarra), Fridays: March 31, April 7, 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19


PS 4 The Duke Ellington School

West African (Caren Calder), March 24, 2017


Children's Museum of Manhattan

Flower Hat Dance Workshop (Japanese Folk Institute), February 25, 2017
Bollywood Dance (Ajna Dance), February 24, 2017


IS 392

West African Dance (Caren Calder), February 14, 2017


PS 197 John B Russwurm

Native American (John Scott Richardson), Family Night Dinner, January 19, 2017


A. Phillip Randolph High School, 443 West 135th St, Harlem, NY 

Native American Dance (Cliff Matias / Red Hawk Council): 3:30 pm, November 22, 2016


Children's Museum of Manhattan,  212 West 83rd St., NYC

Native American Dance (John Scott Richardson): 2 pm and 3 pm, Sunday, November 20

Stepping Stones Children's Museum, 303 West Ave., Norwalk, CT 

Filipino Tribal Dance (Kinding Sindaw): 2 pm, November 19, 2016


A. Phillip Randolph High School, 443 West 135th St., NY, NY

World Dance Panel with Kamala Cesar (Bharata Natyam), Yloy Ybarra (Flamenco),
Romanee Kalicharran (Kathak), Seema Iyer Bollywood Lawyer,
Elissaveta Iordanova (Bulgarian): 3:30 pm, October 25, 2016


PS 87, 160 W 78th St., NYC

Thunderbird American Indian Dance Assembly (Louis Mofsie): 9:30 am, October 20, 2016

Children's Museum of Manhattan,  212 West 83rd St., NYC

Odissi Dance (Bani Ray): 2 pm and 3 pm, Saturday, October 15, 2016


Stepping Stone Children's Museum, 303 West Ave., Norwalk, CT

Dances from Sumatra (Amalia Suryani - Saung Budaya): 2 pm, September 24, 2016


NY Power Authority, 123 Maint St., White Plains, NY 

Native American (John Scott Richardson) and Polynesian (Lei Pasifika) Performance 
Noon, Thursday, September 22, 2016


Caramoor Dancing at Dusk Festival, 5 pm

Tahitian and Hawaiian with Lei Pasifika: June 29, 2016
Kinding Sindaw (Potri Ranka Manis): July 13, 2016
Chinese Music & Dance (Ling Tang): July 27, 2016


Ivy League Early Learning Academy, 776 Sixth Ave., NYC

Native American with John Scott Richardson: 10:30 am,  July 27, 2016

Van Cortlandt Park - Barefoot Dancing, Entrance at 246th St., Bronx, NY, 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Thunderbird American Indian Dancers (Louis Mofsie): July 7, 2016
Samba (Quenia Ribeiro): July 28, 2016
Salsa (Nelida Tirado): August 7, 2016


Morris Arts - Music Beyond Borders, 14 Maple Ave. – Suite 301, Morristown, NJ


Tahitian and Hawaiian with Lei Pasifika: 12:30 pm August 9, 2016


PS4 Duke Ellington School

Native American Assembly (Louis Mofsie) June 7, 2015


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Polynesian Hula & Tahitian Performance (Makalina Gallagher & Carol Leogite) May 22, 2015


Brooklyn Children's Museum

Asian Dialogue - Odissi Performance (Bani Ray ) May16 & 17,2015


Fordham University

Polynesian Tahitian Class (Carol Leogite) April 23, 2015


Music and Dance from Myanmar: Shwe Man Thabin Zat Pwe at the Asia Society
U Win Maung & Shwe Man Thabin April 10

Berkeley Heights Elementary

Bollywood Assembly (Minila Shah, Ajna Dance)   April 10

PS 266Q (Belrose)
Phillippines (Potri Ranka Manis, Kinding Sindaw) March 30 - May 22
Native American (Cliff Mathias) March 30 - May 22
Bulgarian Folk (ELissaveta Iordonova) March 30 - May 22
Flamenco Residency March 31-May 26


PS 244Q (Queens) The Active Learning School
Bollywood Assembly  (Minila Shah, Ajna Dance)   March 10
Japanese Assembly (Momo Suzuki) May 24th
Mexican Assembly (Yloy Ybarra)  May 27th
Drums Along the Hudson - Native American Assembly - June 3
Assembly: World Dance Passport (Bollywood) June 2nd


Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lunar New Year Celebration

Balinese (Noopur Singha); West Sumatran (Amalia Suryani); Tibetan (Tashi Dargyal, Tenzin Donsel) Feb 28th


PS 102 Jaques Cartier
Drums Along the Hudson - Native American Assembly  (Louis Mofsie, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers) Feb. 11 


 PS176X (Bronx)

 Mexican Residency (Yloy Ybarra) Feb. - March 

Fieldston School
Middle Eastern Residency (Nadia Moussa) Feb - March

PS 172 Beacon School for Excellence (Brooklyn)

Flamenco Residency (Ricky Santiago) & Middle Eastern Residency (Nadia Moussa) Feb - April

Dance Theatre of Harlem

Okinawan Dance (Junko Fisher) Jan. 11


Children's Aid College Prep Charter School 

Peruvian (Rosa Carllahanqui); Latin Dances (Loretta Palma); Mexican (Yloy Ybarra) Dec-Mar


Brooklyn Children's Museum

Native American Performance (Louis Mofsie, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers) Nov. 22


PS4 Duke Ellington School

Bollywood Residency (Minila Shah, Ajna Dance) Nov-Jan


IS392  Brooklyn  Native American Assembly

(Cliff Mathias, Red Hawk Indian Dancers) Oct. 31


PS87  Native American Assembly

(Louis Mofsie, Thunderbird American Indian Dancers) Oct. 7


Ivy League Academy School

Okinawan Dance (Junko Fisher) Aug. 5


Summerstage, Marcus Garvey Park  

Harlem Dance Caravan, George Faison and Lotus Dancers (Native American, Hawaiian, East Indian, Flamenco, and Okinawan)

 Aug. 15, 16


Summerstage, Van Cortlandt Park 

Barefoot Dancing in the Park Series, Tahitian (Makalina); West African (Caren Calder); Middleastern (Nadia Moussa) July 17, 22, 24, 31




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